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    June 30, 2011

    Sarah Myles Says Miami-Dade Cops Broke Her Wrist, Invented Charges Against Her

    Sarah Myles was acquitted by a jury in just 28 minutes earlier this month​When Miami-Dade cops arrested Sarah Myles on October 9, 2009, they described her as the Warren Sapp of Little Haiti housewives. They claimed the supposedly six-foot, 250-pound Myles "jumped" on a sergeant's back during a tra ... More >>

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    June 22, 2011

    Woman Cleared of Attacking Officer in Little Haiti

    Courtesy of Miami-Dade CorrectionsSarah Myles​A 6-foot, 250-pound woman who allegedly jumped on a cop's back was acquitted of battery on the Miami Police officer. The jury took only 28 minutes last Friday to find Sarah Myles not guilty after all three sergeants who were at the scene told different ... More >>

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    February 21, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    From the Issue of February 21, 2002

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    February 7, 2002

    A Wasted Life

    Will Eddie Lee Macklin accomplish more in death than he did in life? Don't count on it.