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    April 28, 2011
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    March 4, 2011

    Shock Nightclub: What The Hell Is Going On At 1437 Washington Avenue?

    FacebookShock nightclub before it closed, and then reopened, and maybe changed its name. Or not.​South Beach clubs change their names more often than a Biscayne Boulevard streetwalker. Mysterious new owners, over-hyped openings, and -- when bills come due -- unannounced closings are routine. Add a ... More >>

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    February 22, 2007

    Cage Rage

    It was outlawed. Now it's popular and one of the nation's best teams is just up the road.

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    September 9, 1999

    A Cameo Role

    The majestic South Beach theater, soon to reopen as a dance club, has been to ruin and back

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    June 3, 1999
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    July 17, 1997
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    April 17, 1997

    The Fidel Fixation

    Exactly 36 years ago the Central Intelligence Agency blew it at the Bay of Pigs. For an encore it created the biggest commando operation in U.S. history -- right here in South Florida. It's time for a sentimental tour.

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    June 30, 1993

    The Conner Conspiracy

    He was an aviation classic: independent, stubborn, savvy. And he was convinced powerful forces were out to ruin him. Did that include government informants and federal agents? Gus Conner will never know.

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    February 12, 1992
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    July 17, 1991
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    July 18, 1990