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    November 25, 2014

    Brent Grimes: Heart of the Dolphins

    In this week's Miami New Times, we profile 30 of the most interesting characters in town, with portraits of each from photographer Stian Roenning. See the entire Miami New Times People Issue here. Glance at Brent Grimes' resumé before he joined the Dolphins last year and you'd be hard-pressed to i ... More >>

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    July 24, 2014
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    June 9, 2014

    Ty Segall Announces Manipulator 2014 World Tour, Coming to The Stage Miami

    The limo is loaded. The road-trip tunes have been recorded. And it's time to hit the highway. With three whole months till the August 26 release of his latest garage-y psych-rock opus, Manipulator, the ever-frenetic Ty Segall is getting restless. Dude does not like downtime. So naturally, he's cras ... More >>

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    May 27, 2014

    Erasure Announces The Violet Flame 2014 World Tour, Launching in Miami

    Prepare for a blizzard of glitter and the heat of The Violet Flame. In just a few months, English dance-pop pioneers Erasure, otherwise known as Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, will be revealing their 16th studio album, a ten-track electro-pop opus recorded in New York and London, and produced by synth ... More >>

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    October 9, 2013

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Gets Sinful, Lustful, Serious at Grand Central Miami

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Grand Central Miami Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Better Than: That old Marlon Brando biker movie, The Wild One, from which Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took its name. Interestingly the rival biker gang in that 1953 black and white flick were called The Beetles. This makes a ... More >>

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    April 22, 2012

    Rum Renaissance Ends Today: Try These Brands

    So many rums, so little time!If you attend today's wrap-up of 2012 Rum Renaissance at the Deauville Beach Resort, (starting at noon for VIP, 1 p.m. for regular admission). Short Order has you covered. Yesterday we squirmed our way through the many vendors and tasted the finest of the bunch. Here is ... More >>

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    March 23, 2012

    Tensnake, Fred Falke, and Cheap Beer at Mamushka's Pyramid Club

    ​It's a question that really comes into focus during Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week. If the end game of  capital-D Dance music is supposed to be getting everybody grooving together, why are there so many divisions? Why do some DJs always end up playing for the bottle-service c ... More >>

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    February 8, 2012

    Boys Noize Announces Winter Music Conference Party at Mamushka's Miami

    ​Damn you, leap year! This extra day nonsense is really starting to piss us off. With so much to look forward to in March, the thought of February 29 holding us back is killing us. Especially ever since we found out that Boys Noize is throwing a WMC party at Mamushka's Miami. The Hamburg-born, B ... More >>

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    January 18, 2012

    Jacuzzi Boys Headed to Europe for 26-City Tour

    ​Admittedly, we were nervous about Jacuzzi Boys' upcoming European tour. But we quickly changed our tone when Hardly Art assured us it'd be a land-based trek. Phew, what a relief. European tours can be a real bummer. Shitty guides recklessly leading you into dangerously shallow waters, shoddy sa ... More >>

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    August 18, 2011

    Martin Landsky Talks Perfect DJ Sets, Morning Caffeine, and Sweaty Walls

    With the imminent demise of the summer season, LINK's Summer Sunday Sessions at Treehouse will also see its finale on September 11. (Note: For those of you who loved the thought of rolling into work on Monday morning after a hardcore night of techno and whiskey, Sunday Sessions will still be going d ... More >>

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    July 11, 2011

    Live Band Seizurely Plays for Strippers at Bare Necessity

    ​As Bambi, one of the strippers, watched a jazz and funk band perform for the all-nude female dancers at Bare Necessity yesterday afternoon, she declared good-naturedly, "It's a good alternative to brunch!" When we walked into the lounge, Seizurely was playing "Shake Your Groove Thing" as a thick ... More >>

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    April 7, 2011

    Tune into Riotgear's Mocean District Radio Show Today With Guest H.O.S.H.

    Diynamic Label's H.O.S.H.​If you're deep into the South Florida EDM scene, then you've probably heard of Riotgear, the DJ duo of Andy Pate and Bobby Bassett. And you definitely heard them if you went to Ultra Music Festival last month, where they rocked the main stage. What you may not know is ... More >>

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    November 19, 2010

    M.A.N.D.Y. and Get Physical Work It Out at Art Basel December 2

    Get Physical label guy and M.A.N.D.Y. member Philipp Jung.​It's time to work it out, bitches. Slip on your sleeveless hoodies and bike shorts, suck some Red Bull, and stretch like a cheerleader 'cause Get Physical label guy and M.A.N.D.Y. member Philipp Jung is back for Basel 2010. You can defini ... More >>

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    November 18, 2010
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    November 12, 2010

    Timo Maas and Lee Burridge Team Up at Soho Studios November 24

    Why so cranky, Timo?​After an entire decade behind the decks as a DJ-for-hire, German spinner Timo Maas finally became a full-blown techno convert in the early '90s. He hung around warehouses and cut together live mixes that kickstarted his ascent through Deutschland's rave scene. There were res ... More >>

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    September 30, 2010
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    April 2, 2010

    Vincenzo Plays Electric Pickle Tonight

    ​For going on two decades now DJ/producer Vincenzo Ragone has been a staple of the international underground EDM community and one of its most endearing artists. With roots in Hamburg's early hip hop scene, he got taken by the acid house explosion of the late '80s and released his first house reco ... More >>

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    March 22, 2010

    WMC 2010: Q&A with UK Legend DJ Greg Wilson, Playing Electric Pickle on Wednesday

    ​Few figures in the international dance music scene can wear the title of legend as aptly as Greg Wilson. The British DJ boasts a career spanning three decades, going back to the birth of house and his early days as a DJ at Manchester's seminal club The Hacienda, and he carries on the authentic mi ... More >>

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    March 19, 2010

    Go Buy Art Porn and More at the Taschen Store Opening Tomorrow

    ​Every decadent, cultured city needs a Taschen store. Otherwise, where's a connoisseur of highbrow pornography to go when he needs a $1500 signed copy of Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior? They just don't sell that shit at the Pleasure Emporium.Anyway, Miami's finally got on ... More >>

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    March 4, 2010
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    February 15, 2010

    Martin Landsky Plays Electric Pickle on Friday

    ​DJ/producer Martin Landsky is the quintessential Berlin techno artist, his work embodying that Teutonic icy minimalism infused with warm Afro-soul that has made German-bred electronic dance music the sound of the international zeitgeist. A veteran of the '80s breakdance scene in Hamburg with an e ... More >>

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    January 6, 2010

    H.O.S.H. Plays Electric Pickle on Friday

    ​I first heard of Hamburg-based producer H.O.S.H. (a.k.a. Holger Behn) through a mind-blowing 2008 release called "Radar" -- a collaboration with esteemed producer and Diynamic labelmate Stimming. This insidious little banger blends delectably nuanced and understated tribal rhythms with weird dist ... More >>

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    October 21, 2009

    Miami Shark: An Interview With the Videogame's Creator

    Should've taken the family to the World Erotic Art Museum instead.​If you haven't yet played or heard of Miami Shark, allow us to set the scene: You are a shark in the waters surrounding Miami. You are angry and hungry. You eat flocks of ducks and people, and soar into the air to drag ai ... More >>

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    September 4, 2009

    WSJ: Fontainebleau on the Verge of Defaulting On Huge Loan

    It's been a tough summer for Miami Beach's most iconic hotel. via Wikimedia Commons ​The global Arma-recession has grounded flocks of would-be vacationers at home in Hamburg and Milwaukee and Bogota. A massive storm collapsed the roof at LIV. And Ben Novack Jr., heir ... More >>

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    July 23, 2009

    VNV Nation Returns in Grandiose Form

    The European futurepop masters take over Culture Room this Saturday.

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    April 13, 2009

    Random Album Review: Stimming Reflections

    StimmingReflections(Dynamic Music)In an electronic music era over-saturated with dilettante bedroom producers and prosaic cookie-cutter dance tracks, Martin Stimming stands as a bold innovator with a musicianship and sound uniquely his own. A relative newcomer to the international minimal scene, thi ... More >>

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    February 5, 2009

    Head Spins: DJ Lee Or

    Tech-house's minimal master blaster.

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    February 2, 2009

    Head Spins: DJ Lee Or

    One of the best things about South Florida has got to be the wide array of music available to dance to on any given night. Forget "open format," whatever that really means. Sometimes the best is music is true to its roots -- a specific genre, done up right by a DJ fully devoted to a singular cause.D ... More >>

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    January 22, 2009

    Our Mickey Rourke Is an Oscar Nominee

    The Oscar nominations came out this morning. There were some surprises, but as virtually everyone expected, Mickey Rourke got a nod for best lead actor for his role in The Wrestler. What started as a local hook for covering awards-show nonsense has turned into quite a saga detailing Rourke's strange ... More >>

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    December 5, 2008

    Shoe Shopping at Scope Art Fair

    While trolling through Scope Miami yesterday an unusual piece of wearable art stopped my daughter Bethany dead in her tracks. Brooklyn's Helene Dumenil Gallery was exhibiting a pair of boots made out of horses hooves created by Berlin's Iris Shieferstein. "What size are they," Bethany inquired about ... More >>

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    September 24, 2008

    How To Become A Food Critic

    You could be he. I figure I'm getting too fat, drunk, and impossibly snotty to hold this job much longer, so I hereby give readers a heads up. If you're planning to try to oust me from my oystershell- and hamhock-encrusted throne as Food Critic at Broward-Palm Beach New Times, there's a handy wiki ... More >>

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    June 26, 2008

    The Gardis Say Adios

    Local Argentine rock stalwarts play their last show at Finnegan's.

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    June 7, 2007

    The Joy in the Bubble

    Cannes 2007 was a success, but how many of its movies will you actually get to see?

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    November 23, 2006
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    September 28, 2006

    Various Artists

    A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box (Rhino)

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    December 1, 2005

    Pioneering Villagers

    Cutting-edge art is creating waves of interest on the Beach

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    June 2, 2005


    With Do the Bambi, Stereo Total boils a pot of electro soup for the playful soul

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    October 16, 2003

    Curse of the Bam-Beano

    All-American baseball dogs sold here

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    March 13, 2003

    Negro Modelo

    After blackface, gay-baiting, nervous breakdowns, and Aryan brotherhood, Turbonegro reclaims the States

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    September 12, 2002

    Also Rates

    Three independents take on the classics, the Germans, and the comedians

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    May 4, 2000

    Solid Gold

    A 30-year-old law clerk purchases Miami's precious history for a song

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    November 18, 1999


    What's That on Your Plate?

  • Dining

    March 4, 1999
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    December 18, 1997
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    January 4, 1996

    Going Deutsch with Tycoon Thomas

    A German millionaire concedes a colossal case of tax evasion -- and says he's the man who bankrolled Thomas Kramer's South Florida real estate spree

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    October 26, 1995
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    April 20, 1995
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    April 20, 1995

    Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand

    Who in his right mind would have passed up the chance to join the Beatles? Rock-and-raving pianist Roy Young did. Regrets? Don't get him started.

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    June 1, 1994

    How Now, Pow Wow?

    Miami rolled out the red carpet for visiting travel honchos. They ate, they drank, they went back home.

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    January 26, 1994

    Power to the Parish

    Father Jose Luis Menendez of Wynwood takes the church to the people and the people to the streets

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