Guns N' Roses

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    June 25, 2009

    Josh Freese: Workin' for the Fan

    Superstar drummer of Devo and A Perfect Circle sells himself, his famous friends, and all-you-can-eat shrimp dinners to promote his new album.

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    May 21, 2008

    Full Q&A with Yo Majesty

    In this week's issue of the Miami New Times, for my Suicide Blonde column I spoke with JWL B and Shunda K of the Tampa-based electro-rap group Yo Majesty. Click here to read my explanation of why they're one of the most punk rock things out there right now. But of course, the interviews ran longer ... More >>

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    January 3, 2008

    2007 Music Year in Review

    It's all in the stars.

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    December 8, 2005

    The Fat of the Lens

    From man-breasts and money comes a local documentary film star

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    August 18, 2005

    Hunk of Burning Funk

    Buddha Gonzalez searches for his fame and fortune in Miami's strip clubs

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    January 13, 2005

    Club Planet

    For Erick Morillo, it's all about booty calls and disco balls

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    January 18, 2001

    Doom, Gloom, and Bloom

    Heavy-metal monster Yngwie Malmsteen, prosperous Miami homeowner, likes his music dark and his domestic life bright

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    January 15, 1998
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    April 17, 1997
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    September 21, 1995
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    January 5, 1995

    Dread Reckoning

    Dub architect, crossover dreamer, music exec, and all-around nice guy, Mikey Dread has kept the reggae fires burning for almost twenty years

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    July 20, 1994

    Manson Family Values

    Teach your children well and accept that Heaven is Hell

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    June 15, 1994

    Pretty Persuasive

    Hey! That song there is about gay people!

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    February 2, 1994
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    June 9, 1993

    Sold Asylum

    America's best live band keeps charging along, even without a credit card

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    April 21, 1993

    Rodgers roots redux: The former board member of Bad Company and the Firm now treads Muddy Waters

    Muddy Rodgers Paul finds himself in the company of great guitarists and the baddest blues writer

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    January 6, 1993

    Left Coast Out

    Members of the Drills escape Miami for an L.A. miracle

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    January 6, 1993

    Pour and Tour

    You can get embalmed where you used to get bombed. You can buy something to shoot where you used to buy shots. A booze cruise along Bird Road.

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    October 28, 1992

    New Times Recommends

    A presidential candidate we can all get behind