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    July 16, 2014

    Millionaire's Murder Case Opens the Book on Flings With Male Porn Stars, Strippers

    "We're finished!" Samuel Del Brocco shouted. The words crashed off the walls of the $2 million mansion, careened across the 500-square-foot swimming pool, and spilled into the quiet Washington, D.C. suburb. "Get your shit and get out!" Justin DeVinney said nothing. He just seethed with rage. They ... More >>

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    May 14, 2013

    Burials at Sea: The Real Story Behind Miami's Craziest Van Advertisement

    A white '80s Dodge Ram work van idles near the public boat ramp at Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove. The ride has no windows, giving it a Silence of the Lambs vibe. Strapped to the roof is a crude homemade sign that owner Eugene "Jobie" Steppe stenciled with a striking advertisement: "FULL BODY BU ... More >>

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    September 15, 2011

    Drunk Florida Man Calls 911 Because Taco Bell Won't Serve Him Tacos

    ​Terry Lynn Kimbell, 50, of Pinellas County, was in a classic conundrum Tuesday evening: He was drunk and wanted Taco Bell. But by that time of night, Taco Bell was serving its hot, meaty fast food only through the drive-thru, so he decided to walk through it. When employees refused to s ... More >>

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    November 18, 2010
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    October 25, 2007

    Joyce Kaufman Hates Immigrants!

    Well, not exactly. But she sure doesn’t speak well of them.

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    January 19, 2006

    A Fish Farmer's Tale

    Could this be the next salmon?

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    June 3, 2004

    Steel's the Show

    A Southern-style church service is a magnet for eerie, heavenly harmonies

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    April 8, 2004

    Cows to Cuba

    A South Florida rancher is using bovine diplomacy to improve relations with the island nation

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    June 5, 2003

    Ecological Politics

    UM's Larry Brand flouts the grant system, pays the price

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    November 19, 1998

    Where Man Meets Mud

    Behold the swamp buggy races, South Florida's oddest racing tradition, where the engines roar, the muck flies, and the vehicles sometimes sink

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    October 22, 1998

    Lou's Last Pitch

    Nearly anyone can make it to the major leagues. All you need is a little talent and a lot of faith.

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    August 21, 1997

    Witness for the Prosecution

    Bruce Udolf spent seven years arguing public corruption cases for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami. A report from the front lines.

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    February 29, 1996

    The Impossible Victory

    The feds spent years building their case against drug kingpins Willy Falc centsn and Sal Maglutaa. Life in prison was assured. Too bad the jury didn't see it that way.

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    August 10, 1994

    Road Show

    Want to know more about Jeb Bush? The machinations of Florida's Republican party? Vomiting? Get on the bus.

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    February 9, 1994

    The Case from Hell (and Back)

    New allegations and secretly recorded tapes -- the Nogues family's child-abuse debacle might never end

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    July 7, 1993

    The Case from Hell Part 6

    False accusations. Emotional breakdowns. A system demonstrating its own incompetence. s just what happened in the courtroom.

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    April 1, 1992
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    September 25, 1991
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    July 3, 1991
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    February 20, 1991
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    July 4, 1990


    Balseros and their makeshift rafts have become as much a symbol of Cuban culture as lechon, arroz con frijoles, and the Havana spleef