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    January 11, 2008

    Herald Continues to Skirt the Truth in Reporting on PAC

    Today the Miami Herald reinforced my belief in David Simon and why so many of my brethern, us ink-stained newspaper journalists, become so bitter and disenfranchised with our profession. It was the front page story about philanthropist Adrienne Arsht’s $30 million gift to the performing arts cente ... More >>

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    March 28, 2002

    Rough Ryder

    The behind-the-scenes battle to put Miami's homegrown Fortune 500 Co. next to the Herald raises an old specter

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    May 18, 2000

    The Return of Loco Joe

    Miami's mayoral meltdown has a long and nasty history

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    February 10, 2000

    Screwing up the Center

    Years behind schedule and way over budget, the performing arts center is another Miami miracle

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    September 30, 1999


    Darts and tarts

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    June 17, 1999
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    June 3, 1999
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    April 8, 1999
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    November 19, 1998

    It's Money That Matters

    Tropic gets axed after31 years and countless awards. Watch for the last issue: A gift guide.

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    August 13, 1998
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    February 19, 1998
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    July 17, 1997

    A Cocked Pistol

    Miami Herald sports columnist Dan Le Batard goes Cosmo and cements his reputation as the paper's gender-relations expert

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    December 19, 1996
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    January 25, 1996

    Bad Press

    The Miami Herald is making national news . . . for all the wrong reasons

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    November 2, 1995

    And the Survey Says . . .

    Though Herald execs are giddy about their market-driven plan for "journalistic excellence," the critics denounce it as a bitter pillar to swallow

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    September 7, 1995

    Hoisted by His Own Batard

    Miami police say Miami Herald sportswriter Dan Le Batard got drunk and disorderly at a Grove eatery

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    August 17, 1995

    War Is Hell - and Boring As Hell, Too

    Bosnians die. Chechnyans die. Herald honchos yawn.

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    June 8, 1995

    The Incredible Shrinking Herald

    People are fleeing in record numbers and not being replaced. Morale has hit bottom. News coverage has been severely curtailed. Money is scarce. And the corporate bigshots love it.

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    April 27, 1995

    A Nocturnal Omission

    The Miami Hearald's brain trust comes to grips with a sticky wicket

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    April 6, 1995

    Just Tell Us When You Get Bored

    The Herald flew a Cuban diplomat down for a visit from Washington A but you probably don't care about trivial stuff like that

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    January 12, 1995

    Murder, Ink

    Last year the Miami Herald was chastised by the FBI for distorting crime stats. Now they're repeat offenders.

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    August 31, 1994

    Eliminate the Negatives

    Herald editors nix a photo-essay about girl gangs. Was it not a good story? Or was it not good news?

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    August 16, 1994

    The Compassionate Omission

    When is a rape not a rape? When it becomes "assault" in the pages of the Miami Herald.

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    November 17, 1993
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    October 13, 1993
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    September 15, 1993

    Meet Miami's Next Mayor

    Part 2: Miriam Alonso knows how to put votes together, but she can't seem to separate dirty tricks from politics

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    June 9, 1993

    The Collector

    What do Armando Valladares, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Miriam Alonso, Xavier Suarez, Alex Penelas, Steve Clark, and the Miami Herald editorial board have in common? They're just a few of the big names enlisted by accused embezzler Roberto Polo in his fight to a

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    March 10, 1993

    See Joey Run

    Six things you might want to consider before casting your vote for Joe Gersten

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    February 24, 1993

    A Perfect Fit for Miami

    The Herald's new managing editor drives a Porsche, adores Elvis, and worked miracles in her California community. At least so says the Herald.

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    December 2, 1992

    The Scoop That Might Have Been

    Weeks before the controversial tale of a Cuban double agent set Miami abuzz, the Miami Herald and Channel 51 engaged in a little intrigue of their own

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    February 26, 1992