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    July 20, 2012

    Ten Best Songs About Masturbation

    We're all sexual beings. But we're not always lucky enough to have another sexual being with us when the moment strikes. Thankfully, we're handily equipped to take care of business. Everybody faps. And if someone says they don't diddle themselves at night, they're liars. It's part of the human cond ... More >>

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    September 8, 2011

    Ten Totally Tubular '80s Cartoon Theme Songs

    Jem is excitement!​For any kid who grew up in the '80s, it wasn't about the content of character. It was about the size of Transformer. After school and Saturday mornings, masses of children spent hour after hour parked in front of turn-knob television screens, adjusting rabbit ears, dying to he ... More >>

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    April 22, 2010
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    January 3, 2008

    2007 Music Year in Review

    It's all in the stars.

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    May 19, 1993

    The Songs Remain the Same

    Rejecting young talent in favor of dinosaurs with proven track records, classic rock radio rakes in the ratings and the cash A along with a severe case of geezer burn