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    October 31, 2013
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    June 15, 2012

    Dolphins Players Not Thrilled About Being Filmed for Hard Knocks

    Are you excited to take a behind the scenes look at the Miami Dolphins on HBO's Hard Knocks? Because the players sure aren't.  Tight end Anthony Fasano says groans echoed through the locker room when the team was informed they'd be pulling double duty as reality TV stars.

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    June 14, 2012
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    May 8, 2012

    James Beard Awards Screw Latino Workers

    Last night, as many of our loyal readers watched NBC's The Voice, ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and Travel Channel's No Reservations, a bit of virtual battle was taking place on Twitter. Perhaps a few (likely from the culinary industry) tuned into the live webcast of the James Beard Foundation award ... More >>

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    April 12, 2012
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    March 22, 2012
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    March 14, 2012

    Tango Conspiracy Bring Sex and Dub to PAX Miami for Winter Music Conference

    ​Tango music is so sexy that women's juices flow as soon as they hear its sultry sound. The music -- born of a mix between African and European influences in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay -- has been leaving dance floors sticky, hot, and wet since the 1890s. The dance involve ... More >>

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    January 25, 2012

    Five Stars We Liked Better When They Were Fat

    ​Oh, Kirstie Alley! Maybe you lost 100 pounds since your stint on Dancing With the Stars last year, but no way in deep-fried-stick-of-butter hell are you a size 6 and 130 pounds. You may be well on your way, thanks to your new 100 Days of Dance blog where you've been posting videos of yourself bus ... More >>

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    December 1, 2011

    Join Cedric Gervais for Some F#$%ing and Dancing With the Stars on December 8

    Yes, suave Frenchman and electronic stud Cedric Gervais is one of Planet Earth's top disc jockeys to the stars, especially the TV types, sports celebs, talking heads, professionally sexy people, and tabloid regulars who totally love to dance during prime time. He regularly mans the decks as celebut ... More >>

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    November 25, 2011

    Dwyane Wade to Dance in New Cameron Diaz and J.Lo Movie

    Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has filmed a dancing cameo in an upcoming ensemble comedy based on What To Expect When You're Expecting. Yes, an NBA star is dancing in a Love Actually-style ensemble movie based on a popular non-fiction pregnancy guide because Hollywood is horrible and out of ideas.

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    November 23, 2011

    Dancing With the Stars Grand Finale: Ricki Lake Tangos to Psycho Theme

    ​Gosh, were we excited for the Dancing with the Stars Grand Finale. And boy did ABC go all out for us! Instead of the usual flippant DWTS introduction, we get a very serious Explosions in the Sky-scored, grainy film-effect montage of Ricki, Rob, and J.R. We are reminded that Ricki did it for the s ... More >>

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    November 15, 2011

    Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri: Cooking With The Stars?

    Food NetworkRay and Fieri to host Celebrity Cook-Off​First there was Dancing With The Stars, which re-introduced us to such has-beens celebrities as Donny Osmond, Florence Henderson, Drew Lachey, and most recently Chaz Bono. Despite our repeated efforts at tying this to the end of the world (or be ... More >>

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    July 22, 2011

    Jeb Bush: "I'm Never Ruling Out Being on Dancing with the Stars"

    ​Could former Florida Governor Jeb Bush be following in the dainty footsteps of other conservative figures like Tom Delay, Tucker Carlson, and Bristol Palin, and strapping on a dance belt for a run on Dancing With the Stars? Probably not, but the former Governor says he'd never rule it out.

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    November 25, 2010
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    August 26, 2010
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    July 29, 2010
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    June 3, 2010
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    April 29, 2010

    Move Over, Chad Ochocinco, Robert Battle Is Liberty City's Best Dancer

    Of the many things Chad Ochocinco has given us, the best is clearly his T-Rex end-zone dance. Since then, he has taken his crazy dinosaur shuffle to Dancing With the Stars, where it's working really well for him. He's one of the five z-list celebrities still in the running!​ But he's been dethrone ... More >>

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    April 29, 2010
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    March 15, 2010

    Chad Ochocinco Set for VH1 Dating Show, Promises Lady Gaga-esque Dancing Costumes

    When Liberty City's Chad Ochocinco does something, he doesn't half-ass it. Especially when that something is utterly ridiculous. The man changed his last name to Ochocinco, after all.So when it was announced he'd make the inevitable jump to reality TV by being a contestant on Dancing With the S ... More >>

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    March 1, 2010

    Chad Ochocinco Joins Dancing With The Stars With Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin

    ​It's really a wonder that somehow the one-man entertainment machine known as Chad Ochocinco has not been on a reality tv show yet. If there's a single player in the NFL who was made for trash television it's him. He is, after all, Esteban: the most interesting football player in the world.Well, i ... More >>

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    December 17, 2009
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    October 16, 2009

    The Week That Was

    DJ Seasunz, a well established local DJ, drove around in his car with the dead body of his 18-year-old girlfriend before turning himself into police. He's being charged with second-degree murder and was denied bond.Miami's best known graffiti crew, MSG, is heading to divorce court as one of the co-f ... More >>

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    June 18, 2009
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    May 21, 2009
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    April 20, 2009

    Dancing with the Pols

    Coming in November, the City of Miami's public access channel will try its hand at some new, innovative programming to get residents amped up about the Magic City's elected officials. It's a variety show based loosely on the popular television series Dancing with the Stars. And the first contestant ... More >>

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    April 9, 2009

    News Roundup

    LocalA worker at MIA sold fake plane tickets and ripped off travelers. Oh, wait, they weren't all fake: "Investigators say Amores did buy one ticket, but it was a one-way fare and stranded a woman in Colombia." [USAToday]Good news for the airport in another department, though: It has a fancy new air ... More >>

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    March 17, 2009

    Solo Sushi Needs Soy Sauce. Akashi Has Soy Sauce.

    9:39 p.m. last night, my friend texted me, "Loving [Lil'] Kim on Dancing With the Stars!" While he was home watching B & C-Listers do the cha-cha - wasabi, crab and fresh-out-the-water tuna was doing the electric boogaloo on my tongue. Akashi's South Miami outpost is potentially one of the best ... More >>

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    February 2, 2009

    The Five Worst Super Bowl Ads

    Used to be, even when the football was less than thrilling, the Super Bowl ads would provide some sort of entertainment. Thank God that game was a near classic, because unless you happen to be a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, the whole affair would have been pretty dull. Sorry Madison Ave, you failed p ... More >>

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    January 12, 2009

    Why Hello Chess, When Did You Get So Sexy?

    I can't find it on YouTube, so call up your friend who's an expert on Austin Powers movies (yes, we all have one such amigo), and ask him to recite the Ivana Humpalot bit. You know, the one with the busty Russian supermodel (played by Kristen Johnston) whose favorite hobby is playing suggestive ches ... More >>

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    October 2, 2008

    Castroneves Charged with Tax Evasion

    Castroneves will be dancing a legal tango with the IRS now. *guffaw* IndyCar and Dancing With The Stars champ Helio Castroneves and his sister, Kati, were charged with tax evasion in Miami today. Castroneves reportedly owes $5 milllion. If the feds collect, it could pay for about 1/140,000th of the ... More >>

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    September 22, 2008

    In Bland TV Programming: CSI: Miami and Dancing With The Stars Return

    via Imagechan (nsfw ads) "Yeah, mofo, I've got two pairs on. What you gonna do now? Kill me? I'm already dead. God, this show has amazing writing!" Hot on the heels of last night's Emmys, the fall television season continues its kickoff tonight with two big premiers of shows with a shot of Miami fla ... More >>

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    September 11, 2008
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    August 6, 2008

    Dan Marino on Dancing With The Stars?

    In Touch reports that legendary Hall of Fame Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino is going to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars this September. In a related story, I’m reporting that my childhood has been crushed into a fine powder. Former Fin Jason Taylor just got done wrapping up his adventure ... More >>

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    May 23, 2008

    CSI, Jason Taylor and a Fat Guy

    Three Miami-related TV items: 1. How did we miss a naked guy in a fat suit on Miami Beach? According to The Daily Mail, British comedian Matt Lucas "slipped into a naked fat woman's costume equipped with seaweed, cellulite and green nails" and wandered a parking lot in Miami Beach recently as part ... More >>

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    May 22, 2008

    Body by Mario

    Come feast your eyes on your grade school crush.

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    March 27, 2008

    Rhumba Racers and Radio Rockers

    SpeedJam brings IndyCars and not-so-indie rock together.

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    March 26, 2008

    Jason Taylor Is The Mambo King, Bitch

    Jason Taylor once again kicked some dancy ass on Dancing With the Stars last night. He danced the Mambo and impressed the judges with his nimble feet and devilish good looks. He also scored a 9 from all three judges! Tonight is double-elimination night. Two contestants will be gone by the end of th ... More >>

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    February 20, 2008
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    January 28, 2008

    Over the Weekend: Primary Countdown, Wu-Tang, and Bhangra

    One Day Till the Primary: Would Jesus Vote for Hillary?: Only 24 hours until Jesus reveals his endorsement for the next president of the United States! All last week, Jesus picked apart the candidates and dismissed them like Judas at the Last Supper, from John Edwards to Mitt Romney. Today, Jesus s ... More >>

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    January 26, 2008
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    January 17, 2008

    Dance Fever

    Catch it at the BankAtlantic Center.

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    October 18, 2007
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    June 21, 2007

    Celebrity Sway

    The Dancing with the Stars tour glides into town

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    May 31, 2007

    When He’s Sixty-Five

    Celebrate Sir Paul with coffee and music

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    April 5, 2007
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    February 1, 2007
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    January 25, 2007

    Confide, Receiver

    NFL legend Jerry Rice shoots from the hip

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    January 18, 2007

    Redefining the Classics

    Measha Brueggergosman breathes fresh life into Beethoven

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    April 27, 2006

    Oh, It's Carmen

    Go behind the scenes of this fabulous opera

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