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    May 5, 2011
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    May 6, 2010
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    January 26, 2010

    Goodbye, Dan Paul! You Made This Town

    ​So Dan Paul was a little crazy. And the stories of his personal escapades -- sexual and otherwise -- were legendary in this town.But Paul made modern Miami by writing the county charter in 1957. He was an eccentric genius who, despite earning scads of money, had a wisecrack for every politician i ... More >>

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    March 1, 2007

    Local Luminaries

    Celebrate with the Wolfsonian

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    January 18, 2007

    America, the Test

    "Is this like some Howard Stern thing where youre supposed to look stupid?

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    May 11, 2006

    Key Issue

    Should high-rises tower over this pricey island paradise?

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    March 16, 2006

    Total the Recall

    Commish Natacha Seijas is still around. For now anyway.

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    August 19, 2004


    There are good reasons to vote August 31, but the county mayor's race isn't one of them. Here are five reasons why.

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    July 22, 2004

    No Christmas Spirit in July

    Santa's Enchanted Forest may be a children's favorite, but for one county commissioner it's an outrage

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    May 1, 2003

    Tumbling Chairs

    The people of Miami take a crash course in art, parks, and democracy

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    February 21, 2002

    The Art of War

    Rep. Carlos Lacasa adds a new chapter to the Sun Tzu classic, set in Miami-Dade County

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    April 5, 2001

    A Farewell to Art

    Frank Stella created a sculptural masterpiece for Miami's waterfront, but you'll probably never see it here

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    January 25, 2001

    The Manager's Many Friends

    One thing about Steve Shiver's future as the county's chief executive: It'll never be lonely at the top

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    January 11, 2001

    Squeeze Play

    When an influential developer wants to cram a size-10 project on a size-4 parcel of waterfront land, who can he turn to for help? The ever-accommodating Miami City Commission, of course.

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    December 21, 2000

    Destiny's Child

    The battle over Homestead is déjà vu all over again

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    August 3, 2000

    The Cheat Is On

    The Heat continues its disgusting betrayal of public trust with a nifty assist from spineless county commissioners

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    May 4, 2000

    Pocket the Difference

    Miami commissioners use a well-worn strategy to avoid public notice of their sweetheart deals

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    April 13, 2000

    The Heat's Hot Air

    The team promised the public an arena with plenty of open space. Instead we're getting a nightclub and a restaurant.

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    February 3, 2000

    The Deep Blue Greed

    The Arison clan built Carnival into a money machine by cleverly avoiding tax laws

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    January 27, 2000

    Take Me Out to the ... Parking Lot?

    Open spaces: check. Sewer runoff: check. Locked gate: check. Yep, this is indeed a Miami park!

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    September 30, 1999


    Just Say No to John Henry

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    January 14, 1999

    Port Whine

    Miami-Dade County's proposal to privatize public marinas has mariners up in arms

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    October 23, 1997

    Parks and Profits

    Believe it or not, Miami's planning czar Jack Luft says he can make Virginia Key both lovely and lucrative

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    April 3, 1997

    Miami: See It Like a Visionary

    No hulking concrete slab at water's edge? No arts center hidden by noisy expressways? No bombed-out corridors of desolation? A dream, right?

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    October 31, 1996
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    October 10, 1996
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    August 1, 1996

    Sic 'Em!

    Once again the indefatigable Dan Paul launches an attack on arrogant local officials, and once again he needs your help

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    July 4, 1996
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    May 30, 1996
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    May 23, 1996


    A Little Friendly Persuasion

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    May 9, 1996
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    June 29, 1995

    First Build

    Sly Stallone's contractor pays the price for doing waterfront work without acquiring the proper permits. Heck, it's only money.

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    February 3, 1993

    When the Beach was Hot

    Eisenhower was president, shark-finned Cadillacs ruled the highways, and Miami Beach was the nightlife capital of the Western Hemisphere

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    November 18, 1992
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    November 4, 1992
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    September 9, 1992

    Keep Off The Park, Part 2

    Hurricane Andrew dealt a blow to Dan Paul's "Save Our Parks" amendment, but don't count out the tree huggers yet

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    July 15, 1992

    Keep Off the Park

    Dan Paul thinks people, not politicians, should decide the fate of county park land