Christina Abrams

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    July 30, 1998

    At Bayside, Ship Happens

    Miamarina wants the raucous La Rumba party boat out. Its owners are crying foul.

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    April 2, 1998

    Lost Girls in the Night

    Lesbian nightclub promoter tangles with heavyweight businessman over jinxed property leased from a bewildered City of Miami

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    February 20, 1997

    They Owe It All to Odio

    Miami's infamous ex-city manager hired more than 100 staffers entirely at his own discretion. Guess who's paying them.

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    January 30, 1997

    Rules Are Not Made to Be Broken

    So says Manuel Garcia, a man with an old-fashioned (and irritating) sense of right and wrong

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    December 12, 1996

    Anchors Away

    City Hall revives a scheme to do away with Dinner Key Anchorage, Miami's last floating village

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    October 10, 1996

    Cesar's Piggy Bank Redux

    Already charged with corruption, Odio now faces renewed questions about his misuse of a discretionary fund

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    August 31, 1995

    Watts the Matter?

    FPL wants no part of a power struggle between the City of Miami and a Coconut Grove cafe

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    February 9, 1995

    Every Available Square Inch

    Developers in Coconut Grove have learned a couple of things about rules: They can be used to personal advantage. And they can be used as weapons.

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    January 19, 1995

    One World One Family One Conflict

    Peace-loving, tree-hugging religious disciples or crafty retailers cashing in at public expense? You be the judge.

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    April 6, 1994

    Gonna Tear Your Landmark Down

    Like a wounded animal, Coconut Grove's historic Peacock House has finally been put out of its misery

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    February 10, 1993

    Let's Welcome a New Coconut Grove Tradition!

    Calloway's is back, along with construction complications, crowds, and controversy