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    May 31, 2012
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    July 7, 2011
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    March 31, 2011
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    September 2, 2010

    Marlins and Nationals Brawl, Gaby Sanchez Might Be Batman

    ​More often than not, baseball brawls are lame. A pitcher plunks a batter, the batter charges the mound, the pitcher readies himself for the fight and then the players start aimlessly swinging like two preteen girls fighting over a Justin Bieber t-shirt at the mall. Arms flailing, hands flapping, ... More >>

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    March 24, 2010

    Marlins Preview: That Silence You Hear Is Miami Preparing for Another Baseball Season

    Wikimedia Commons via user Djh57. If Hanley Ramirez does some amazing shit but nobody's there to see it... it's still amazing.​They live, as quietly as cloistered monks, among us. They wash our dogs, write our blogs, prepare our taxes, and, you know, do other things people do for a living. ... More >>

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    September 24, 2009
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    July 23, 2009

    Marlins Sweep Padres No Thanks to the Offense

    Hanley has been a one-man band and without protection, teams will pitch around him.The Marlins' three game sweep of the Padres couldn't have come at a better time. The Fish had lost three devastating games to the Phillies at home and trailed last year's champions by seven games ... More >>

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    June 19, 2009

    The Yankees Are in Town! And They Bring Their Prices With Them

    Some of the largest crowds of the season are expected at Land Shark Stadium when the Marlins take on the Yankees this weekend and the Marlins' brass hopes to earn some serious coin. Fans interested in catching a glimpse of a 2003 World Series rematch will be subjected to big ticket price hikes. Acc ... More >>

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    June 17, 2009

    Marlins Drop Game One to Red Sox 8-2

    The Florida Marlins kicked off their AL East six-game gauntlet by losing to the Red Sox 8-2 in a brisk game that lasted just two and a half hours, but was over long before that. Starter Chris Volstad, who took the loss and fell to 4-7, threw well for three innings but was greeted in the fourth ... More >>

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    June 10, 2009

    Marlins Day 1 Draft Results

    Most high school graduates are frantically searching for summer jobs or shopping for dorm room essentials. Chad James, Bryan Berglund, and Marquise Cooper won't have to worry about selling popcorn at movie theaters or cutting grass for neighbors because they have the option to play professional base ... More >>

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    April 15, 2009

    The Marlins' Chris Volstad Is No Mark Fidrych

      The Florida Marlins now have the best record in baseball and lead their division. New speedster Emilio Bonifacio just might be the hottest player in baseball. And that giant Chris Volstad has made us forget Scott Olson. Could it be this team is for real? Yesterday's 5-1 defeat over the pr ... More >>

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    February 12, 2009

    Wait, the Marlins Are Playing Baseball This Year?

    With all the hullaballo and hubbub over the giant tax-pit ... um ... new Marlins Stadium proposal, it's easy to forget that the Fish are still a baseball team and the new season is almost upon us. It's a shame, really. For true baseball fans, Spring Training is the best time of the year. Everyone's ... More >>