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    May 21, 2012

    Young Buck and Five Other Rapper Evictions or Foreclosures

    Just two months after he was the target of a drive-by shooting in Nashville, Young Buck has come under fire yet again. But this time, it's Uncle Sam pulling the trigger and blowing smoke up Buck's ass. According to TMZ, the Internal Revenue Service is demanding that the former G-Unit rapper fork ... More >>

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    May 5, 2010

    "Weird Al" Yankovic Coming to Mizner Park in Boca Raton July 24

    ‚ÄčThere are few people in the world of music who can take credit for creating so much unadulterated pleasure as pop satirist "Weird Al" Yankovic. Speaking as someone who has to sit and come up with puns ever day in order to write headlines, songs like "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi," "I Think I'm a Clone ... More >>

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    January 23, 2009

    Slick Rick to Perform at Louis Next Tuesday

    It's been just over 20 years since a one-eyed rapper from the unlikely London neighborhood of South Wimbledon released what would become one of the most pivotal hip-hip albums of all-time. Entitled The Adventures of Slick Rick and featuring the cautionary "A Children's Story," the LP not only highli ... More >>

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    January 3, 2008

    2007 Music Year in Review

    It's all in the stars.

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    October 4, 2007


    Ultimate Victory (Chamillitary/Universal Motown)

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    September 6, 2007

    Fortunate Son?

    Ky-mani is the unique Marley

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    October 26, 2006
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    May 4, 2006

    Wall Unit

    One of Houston's most prominent rappers gets his mind correct

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    September 1, 2005