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    March 6, 2013

    Venezuelans Celebrate in Doral Following Death of Hugo Chavez

    Venezuelans partied late into the night in Doral following yesterday's announcement that Hugo Chávez had died from cancer. Restaurant El Arepazo II, on the corner of NW 39th Street and 79th Avenue, was swarmed with more than 300 people waving flags, eating arepas, and sipping Polar.But nearly all t ... More >>

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    April 19, 2012
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    January 18, 2010

    Musician Carlos Bertonatti Charged in Fatal DUI Key Biscayne Crash; Bikers Outraged

    An up-and-coming Miami pop singer with slick looks and a Sony recording contract has been charged with vehicular homicide in a horrific hit-and-run crash near Key Biscayne yesterday. via Rolling Stone Police say Carlos Bertonatti was drunk when he plowed into a cyclist on Sunday.​Carlos Ber ... More >>

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    January 18, 2010

    Musician Carlos Bertonatti Charged In Fatal DUI Key Biscayne Crash; Bikers Outraged

    via Rolling StonePolice say Carlos Bertonatti was drunk when he plowed into a cyclist on Sunday.​An up-and-coming Miami pop singer with slick looks and a Sony recording contract has been charged with vehicular homicide in a horrific hit-and-run crash near Key Biscayne yesterday.Carlos Bertonatti, ... More >>

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    June 2, 2009

    An Ode to Jorge Julio

    Where will he suck next? For a few years, I've harbored a strange obsession with Major League journeyman reliever Jorge Julio. Not because he's very good, mind you. In fact, the current Milwaukee Brewer is one of the most consistently awful players to make a big-league roster every year. His ... More >>

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    May 29, 2008

    Spanish-Language TV: Perverse and Profound

    Late at night, the dwarves and strippers come out to play.

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    April 10, 2008

    Cuban Ballet in Exile

    Some of the world's best dancers hang out at Costco, then perform Swan Lake.

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    January 17, 2008

    Bay of Pigs Vets Fight for Home

    Betrayed by the U.S. government and their own country, they want to be remembered.

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    October 18, 2007

    Letters from the Issue of October 18, 2007

    "We thought we were going to see the end of Chávez. Unfortunately the revolt didn't work, and now I know why."

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    October 18, 2007

    A Reporter on the Lam in Latin America

    El Nuevo Heralds Gonzalo Guillén is the latest victim of Bush buddy Álvaro Uribe

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    December 7, 2006


    Don't even try to see it all. We've got Basel's best.

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    June 15, 2006

    Sidewalk Salvation

    Preach. Convert. Repeat.

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    November 10, 2005

    Floored Genius

    From high-minded to hype-crazed, book fairs have a rich tradition of coaxing out reclusive authors. New Times was fortunate to get a rare audience with the person redefining writing, M.M. Pascal-Paul.

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    December 16, 2004

    Your Safety, Their Punch Line

    I once thought working for the Transportation Security Administration was serious business. I didn't have a clue

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    December 2, 2004


    ArtBasel: Where Did It Come From? What Does It Want?

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    August 12, 2004

    Until Proven Guilty

    24 HOURS. 1 FULL MOON. 265 Arrests.

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    November 20, 2003

    I Remember Benny

    Octogenarian Generoso Jímenez testifies to the eternal spontaneity of Benny Moré

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    November 13, 2003

    All Around the Neighborhood

    A quick look at our amigos from Toronto to Tierra del Fuego

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    March 6, 2003

    The Last Deep Dive

    Pipin Ferreras and his wife Audrey repeatedly challenged the deep blue deadly sea. Finally the sea won.

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    December 5, 2002

    Righteous Bombers?

    Miami's non-Muslim mullahs are ready to forgive Castro's accused 2000 assassins

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    October 10, 2002

    Ruben Blades

    Mundo "Sony International"

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    September 26, 2002

    Under the Table and Off the Books

    If you're desperate for work, if you must see a doctor, if you need shelter, Miami's shadow economy will provide

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    December 20, 2001

    Terrorists, but Our Terrorists

    Where can terrorists find safe harbor? If you're of the Cuban exile variety, right here.

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    November 8, 2001

    Waiting for Otto

    Why would a man sullied by Iran-contra and illegal propaganda campaigns be a Bush nominee? Good question.

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    June 21, 2001

    Velvet Offensive

    Forget crossover: Selling a Colombian rock band in the United States is a mission for the custodians of culture -- or a very powerful magician

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    August 3, 2000

    Ring Cycle

    Miami boasts a boxing legend who has kept on swinging through good times and bad. He's the king of the clubs. He's Tuto Zabala.

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    April 13, 2000

    Sonic Truth

    Experimental composer Lukas Ligeti came to town with a mission: Create a new Miami sound

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    February 18, 1999
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    February 11, 1999
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    July 24, 1997
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    December 26, 1996

    When Cuba Sang

    Chico O'Farrill. Bebo Valds. Prez Prado. Cachao. A vibrant musical era was swallowed by the revolution, but not before the Panart record company put it on a platter.

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    November 21, 1996

    Voices of the Islands

    Local author Bob Antoni casts a literary net and pulls in a long-overdue compilation of Caribbean writers

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    April 18, 1996

    Taint What You Think

    A local authority on money laundering is linked to a banker accused of fraud

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    July 20, 1994

    Painting the Body Politic

    Haiti tumbles. Haiti reels. Haiti tears itself apart. And Eduoard Duval-Carrie, one of Haiti's premier painters, chronicles the island's chaos on his canvases.

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    June 29, 1994

    Independent Muddy

    Nick Carter led a group of FIU students on a trek into the Amazon rain forest. Now some of them say he's all wet.

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    March 9, 1994

    Livin' Lara

    Nil and Beluga Blue ride out the storm of stardom

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    June 30, 1993

    The Conner Conspiracy

    He was an aviation classic: independent, stubborn, savvy. And he was convinced powerful forces were out to ruin him. Did that include government informants and federal agents? Gus Conner will never know.

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    May 15, 1991
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    February 27, 1991