Cadillac Seville

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    December 16, 2010
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    April 19, 2007

    Masterpiece Theater, Part Two

    Javier Lumbreras, bon vivant, art collector, and defendant, struts his stuff at the Bass

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    May 21, 1998

    From Bad to Wurst

    German citizen Anton Philipp has bought a lot of property on Miami Beach. Now it doesn't look too hot.

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    November 23, 1995

    Cadillac Combat

    One day he was the hottest salesman in town. THe next day he was in jail. Strange things can happen when you're engaged in [then the hed ran]

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    October 6, 1993

    Alonso: The Cadillac and the Threats

    Yes, that loudmouth in the fancy car really is the husband of mayoral hopeful Miriam Alonso. And yes, taxpayers are picking up the tab.