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    August 26, 2014

    Burger King-Tim Hortons Merger Confirmed

    Burger King and Tim Hortons have just reached an agreement to merge, essentially creating the world's third-largest quick-service restaurant. According to a news release issued early this morning, the newly created company will be based in Canada. Each of the original fast-food brands -- Burger Kin ... More >>

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    August 26, 2014

    Democratic Senator Calls for Boycott of Burger King

    Burger King's merger with Canadian coffee join Tim Hortons is official. While the company will keep the burger chain's corporate headquarters right here in Miami, the corporation will become a corporate citizen of Canada. That means they'll be paying their corporate tax bill to our northern neighbor ... More >>

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    August 25, 2014

    Is Burger King Moving to Canada?

    Burger King, the Miami-based fast food behemoth, is strongly considering purchasing the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons in a deal that would essentially merge the two food service companies. The deal is sometimes called a corporate inversion, which is "used by companies that receive a significan ... More >>

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    August 25, 2014

    Burger King May Be Moving Headquarters to Canada

    Bye-bye, Burger King? One of Miami-Dade's biggest and perhaps most well-known corporate citizens may be moving to Canada. According to the New York Times, Burger King confirmed yesterday that its pursuing a merger with Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons that would see the fast-food chain moving its ... More >>

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    July 2, 2014

    Burger King's Proud Whopper Just a Bite in Company's Equality Stance UPDATED

    As a celebration of gay pride, Miami-based Burger King introduced the Proud Whopper in San Francisco last week. The sandwich is the same as a regular whopper-- only wrapped in rainbow-hued paper with the inscription, "We are all the same inside." Proceeds from the sales of the limited-edition sandwi ... More >>

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    December 6, 2013

    Burger King and Ronald McDonald Rap Battle For Better Pay: Watch Here (Video)

    Yesterday afternoon, the Burger King and Ronald McDonald got together in a show of solidarity in an old school rap battle against their employees. Why would the clown and the king team up with each other? Well, they've got a lot in common. They're both the faces behind giant mega fast-food corporat ... More >>

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    November 6, 2013

    Burger King's Big King: Does It Stack Up to the Big Mac?

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's true, Burger King must really be fond of its number one competitor, because the new Big King sandwich looks pretty much like another "big" burger from another chain. According to Burger King's website, the Big King features "two savory ... More >>

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    September 19, 2013
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    March 19, 2013

    Burger King's Spring Turkey Burger: 530 Calories; Veggie Burger: 412

    If you think Burger King is getting light and healthy with its new spring menu, think again. The Miami-based fast-food company has launched a series of lighter-sounding options -- including a revamp of the veggie burger that's been an on-again/off-again part of BK's menu for some time. The menu, wh ... More >>

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    January 8, 2013

    Burger King Has New Menu Items: We Try Them

    In an effort to regain the number two title in the fast food world, Burger King has experimented with some new ideas lately. The fast food giant has gotten rid of the creepy plastic king mascot (good idea), started delivery service (great idea), and added a plethora of new food items like kung pao s ... More >>

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    September 27, 2012

    Dunkin' Donuts to Offer Cage-Free Eggs: Five More Chains Make the Pledge

    Dunkin' Donuts recently pledged to start using cage-free eggs and eliminate gestation crates for its products. While the chain will move slowly to transition out the crates and cages, it will cut back by 5 percent by the end of next year. A final goal is yet to be determined. In the meantime, h ... More >>

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    July 17, 2012

    McDonald's Tops on Twitter and Facebook, Plus Other Fast Food and Social Media Findings

    Burger King has seen 105% fan growth on Facebook since January. McDonald's follower growth on Twitter has seen a 118% growth in the same period. Mickey Dee's also responds quickest to tweets than any other chain -- an average of 29 minutes.Compare that to Burger King, which takes over 60 hours to re ... More >>

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    June 14, 2012

    Burger King's Bacon Sundae Stinks; Leave the Experiments to Higher-End Eateries

    As reported by Short Order in April, Miami-based fast-food chain Burger King was testing a new menu item at some of its Nashville locations.The item? A bacon sundae.Apparently, Nashvillians gave it a collective thumbs-up, because Burger King has now made the sundae available almost chain-wide.We kno ... More >>

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    April 12, 2012

    Burger King's Bacon Sundae: An Erection on Top

    You got to hand it to Miami-based Burger King, The executives have some weird ideas broiling in their brains, Take the Burger King Bacon Sundae, which is being tested in select restaurants in Nashville. The new dessert item is a cup of soft-serve vanilla ice cream drizzled in hot fudge sauce and top ... More >>

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    April 3, 2012

    Mary J. Blige's Burger King Ad Triggers 11-Minute YouTube Rant

    Mary J. Blige has been through a lot. She's a powerhouse of feminine strength and wisdom; a shining beacon of exemplary light for us girls everywhere. She killed it at Jazz in the Gardens, but apparently she took time out to make some deals with another Miami resident, Burger King. And the result i ... More >>

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    December 16, 2011

    The Ten Biggest Miami Losers of 2011

    ​Two thousand eleven is almost over, and some of us had better years than others. For most, this year seemed like a downer. But, hey, at least you didn't accidentally spend almost $20K at a strip club, get recalled from office, or embarrass yourself on national television. It really could have bee ... More >>

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    December 13, 2011 No Porn For You!

    ​Last week on December 6 when the new .xxx internet domain meant for pornographic websites went on sale to the general public, non-porno companies and universities rushed to buy up their .xxx equivalents out of fear that promising smut peddlers would cash in by using their brand image with the new ... More >>

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    November 30, 2011

    Burger King About To Lose Spot To Wendy's As America's Second-Largest Burger Chain, Analysts Say

    ​Miami-based Burger King may soon lose its spot as America's second-largest fast food burger chain to the red-headed stepchild, Wendy's, market analysts say.Both burger joints have competitive dollar menus, but Wendy's went further by adding additional amenities to about 20 percent of its restaura ... More >>

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    November 7, 2011

    Burger King's Muffaletta-Sized Burger and Rude Call Center Operators

    ​Miami-based Burger King is once again living up to its name, "The King." Last week the company announced it will release a giant pizza-sized burger in Japan over the holidays as an alternative to Christmas dinner that will get people saying, "Merii Kurisumasu."Giant, Mexican-style burgers for Chr ... More >>

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    September 19, 2011

    Burger King's Free Ice Cream: Contributing to Child Obesity?

    Burger KingBurger King is giving away free ice cream. Bad for kids?​Miami-based Fast food giant Burger King has announced a free ice cream giveaway in celebration of their foray into a full line of frozen treats, just in time for after-school snacking.From now until October 9, customers who order ... More >>

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    July 20, 2011

    Apple Fries and Milk: Are Parents Buying Into the New Burger King Kids Meal?

    Wikimedia CommonsWe can tell this guy grew up on BK kids meals.​As part of the National Restaurant Association's Kids Livewell Initiative, 19 chains across the United States have ensured that your bratty kid will never again whine incessantly for another kids meal.These fast food places -- among t ... More >>

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    May 31, 2011

    Burger King Dethrones Creepy Mascot

    The Burger King is out of a job.​A recent Miami Herald article reports that Burger King is planning a major overhaul of its image and menu, attempting to appeal to a broader spectrum of people, including women and families. What's the strategy? Be more like rival McDonald's!New menu items wi ... More >>

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    May 10, 2011

    The Six Worst Fast Food Burgers

    The McDonald's Angus Burger -- the "best" of the "worst."​In honor of National Burger Month, Short Order featured some great burgers in Miami, but, thus far, has totally ignored the way most people get their burger -- at the drive thru. Yes, there are wonderful places to enjoy a quality bur ... More >>

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    March 18, 2011

    Burger King Dumps Ad Agency Crispin Porter

    ​Together they brought us the creepy Burger King, the subservient chicken, the Whopper freakout, and other attention-grabbing, slightly subversive ads, but now Burger King and ad agency Crispin Porter Bogusky, both Miami-based companies, have parted ways. It's truly the end of an era.

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    March 10, 2011
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    March 2, 2011

    Burger King Gay Bashing: "A Whopper of a Hate Crime"

    The King, it appears, hates gay people. ​After what an advocate called "truly one of the worst cases of a hate crime to happen in the LGBT community," a New Jersey court awarded $3.15 million to 46-year-old Noel Robichaux and 43-year-old Peter Casbar. The gay couple entered a Un ... More >>

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    September 10, 2010

    Kendrick Meek Takes Defiant Stance on Pressing French Fry Issues

    via​Sure, there are pressing issues out there like health care, the economy and wars, but going by America's ever growing obesity rate, the most important issue in all of America continues to be French fries. With the exception of the 2003 "freedom fries" controversy, politicians ... More >>

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    September 2, 2010

    Burger King to Be Bought by Brazilian Billionaires for $4 Billion

    ​It's a super sized King Deal. Burger King, one of the largest companies headquartered in Miami-Dade and second largest fast food chain in America, has agreed to sell itself to 3G Capital Management Inc., a New York-based private investment firm backed by several Brazilian businessmen. Burger King ... More >>

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    July 1, 2010
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    June 23, 2010

    BK Flame Grilled Chicken on Whole Grain Ciabatta

    You got that headline right. Burger King, the Miami-based fast food giant, announced yesterday that is now serving what sounds like gourmet dish for $4. The thing has only 470 calories and in the corporate speak of BK senior vice president, global product marketing and innovation, John Schaufelberge ... More >>

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    May 10, 2010

    BK Whopper Bar's Tipping Point

    Lee KleinWhopper Bar's Delivery Menu​If you think that Burger King Whopper Bar's no tipping policy on deliveries saves you money, you're right. But it's the wrong thing to do.Whether the delivery person is a high school kid, a struggling immigrant, or a member of the desperately unemployed, the sa ... More >>

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    April 27, 2010

    Burger King's Non-Alcoholic "Mimosa" Promotes Underage Drinking, Lunatic Mothers Say

    Filipa Alves vis Flicker CCSometimes mediocre restaurants want to seem fancy. Maybe they add mood lighting or start selling trendy dishes like, say, anything that involves an acai berry. If you're Burger King executives, you just add brunch to the menu. Then you mix sprite with orange juice a ... More >>

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    April 7, 2010

    Conservatives Want The Burger King to be Next President of United States

    ​Every once in a while, about as often as a blue moon, the conservatives on the Internet actually come up with something that is sort of hilarious. Not like "funny" in the way Glenn Beck is funny, but actually legitimately funny.See, now they want The Burger King to be the next president of the Un ... More >>

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    October 13, 2009

    Food News Roundup: Meatballs, Burger King, Drug Lords, Tourism, and Cuban Food Stamps

    Steve Martorano from his namesake cafe in Lauderdale didn't win Meatball Madness up in NYC, but it looks like the festival went off pretty well anyway. [NewYorkTimes]Crispin Porter & Bogusky hired four new employees. Get ready for more craptastic ads. Maybe even for Burger King. [NewYorkTimes]Bu ... More >>

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    June 25, 2009

    We Swear We Won't Watch Scott Storch's Reality Show -- OK, Just the Pilot

    In substance-abuse circles, you often hear talk of the moment you "hit rock bottom." For your average schmo, it usually involves stealing abuela's jewelry or fellatio behind a Burger King. For celebrities, there's an even more clear barometer of when you're smashing head-first into your own failure: ... More >>

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    June 22, 2009

    Burger King's Fancy Ads Aren't Actually Selling Burgers

    Surprisingly this didn't sell burgers. Maybe it's the fact that if you wanted to look good naked sprawled out by a fire, you wouldn't be eating BKEdgy ad agency Crispin Porter Bogusky has brought us The King rapping about butts, Facebook friend sacrifices, stereotypical Mexican wrestlers, and be ... More >>

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    April 16, 2009

    Oh, Jeez, Expect Even More Burger King Advertising in 2010

    Our relationship with Burger King advertising is one of love/hate. On one hand, it gives us plenty to blog about; on the other, it is often annoying as hell. To recap, here's a shortlist of just some of the stunts in the past few months that have drawn our attention/ire: Whopper sacrifice, Burger-sc ... More >>

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    April 15, 2009

    BK 3Q Revenue Lower than Expected

    When Tina Fey in character as Sarah Palin joked that, "You know, we've got to accompany tax reduction and tax relief for Americans. Also, having a Dollar Value Meal at restaurants, that's going to help," I thought maybe she had a point. People always have to eat, regardless of the economy, but when ... More >>

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    March 10, 2009

    Burger King's "Cutting-Edge" T-shirts Leave A Bad Taste in Our Mouth

    Tired& Old& Cliché& Done. ...just like their fries! Ayo! No, but their onion rings are pretty good. Hey guys, have you heard about Threadless, the T-shirt company that outsourced design and product selection to its customers? It's been in existence for close to a decade now, ... More >>

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    January 26, 2009

    The Inspector - 10 Miami-Dade Restaurants with ZERO Violations for 2009

    Lest you think The Inspector is a hater, this week we won't bring you the dirt on local routine-food-inspection-reports. Instead we'll highlight the reports reporting that there is nothing to report. These restaurants were found to be totally violation-free on their most recent inspections.Pita Pit ... More >>

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    December 22, 2008

    Burger King Stinker

    There are bad ideas, very bad ideas, unspeakably horrible ideas -- and then there is Burger King's Flame, a men's cologne being touted as "the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat". The fragrance is currently being sold in New York and online for $3.99, and though the aromatics of c ... More >>

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    December 17, 2008

    Nothing Drives Ladies Crazier than the Smell of Burger King

    It's a little late for Thanksgiving, but Riptide would really like to express its most sincere gratitude to Burger King for being a locally headquartered corporation. It just gives us so much to blog about. Enter the company's latest stunt: a body spray that smells like "seduction, with a hint of fl ... More >>

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    December 10, 2008

    Burger King Brings Whoppers to the Hmong

    They'll have it their way.If you've somehow missed Burger King's hilarious terrible! absolutely terrible! new marketing campaign, where they bring Whoppers to Hmong villagers in remote Thailand, the Inuit of Greenland, and a Transylvanian town in Romania, you have to check this out. Although the c ... More >>

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    June 10, 2008

    Add Tomatoes To The "Do Not Eat" List

    Every year there is some food out there that can kill you (we all remember the spinach scare in 2006). This year's deadly foodstuff is tomatoes. Tomatoes form the base of many dishes, unlike spinach which can easily be avoided (unless you have an addiction to the stuff that can rival Popeye's), an ... More >>

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    April 28, 2008

    Farmworkers Knocking at BK's Door Today

    Florida tomato pickers and activists from across the country plan to arrive at Burger King's Miami headquarters at 3:30 this afternoon with 75,000 signatures asking the corporation to kowtow to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers demands to pay pickers more and adopt a zero tolerance for slavery in t ... More >>

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    April 16, 2008
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    November 30, 2007
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    March 28, 2007
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    March 28, 2007

    Have it Your Way ... or Not

    It is certainly good news that Miami-based Burger King announced this week that the company will begin buying eggs and pork from suppliers that don't confine their animals in crates and pens. PETA has declared a victory, as has the Humane Society of the United States. According to the New York Time ... More >>

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    May 16, 2002


    Burger King fire walkers

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