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    January 23, 2014

    Kobe Bryant Took a Business Class at the University of Miami Yesterday

    Kobe Bryant could be seen court side last night at the University of Miami vs. Duke basketball game (along with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade), but he wasn't just on campus for sports. Bryant had apparently dropped into a class at Boston College last week while the Lakers were playing the Celtics and ... More >>

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    August 29, 2013
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    February 11, 2013

    Miami Hurricanes Basketball Ranked Third in AP Poll

    The Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team is now ranked third in the AP poll, the highest ranking ever in the team's history. Last week, the Canes were ranked 8th.The team continued on its unbeaten path in the ACC this week by knocking off both Boston College and North Carolina in home court blood ... More >>

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    February 4, 2013

    Hurricanes Now Number 8 in AP Poll: Highest Ranking in History

    The Miami Hurricanes basketball team has reached new heights: they're now the number eight team in the country according to the AP poll. The 'Canes have only been here once before, and that was way back in 1960 when they were also ranked 8th. It's the team's highest ranking since 1985. 

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    September 1, 2012

    Miami Hurricanes Take Care of Boston College 41-30 After Shaky Start

    For about eight minutes it seemed like the worst predictions about this year's young Hurricanes squad seemed like they were going to come true. Boston College racked up two TDs, while the Hurricanes could only muster a four and out. It was like we were watching the Dolphins, and we'll have enough of ... More >>

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    May 14, 2012

    Miami Not Likely to Follow If FSU Moves to Big 12

    Could all three of Florida's traditional football powerhouses end up in separate conferences? News broke this weekend that Florida State University could be entertaining a move to the Big 12. That lead to some rumbling in the sports rumor-sphere that the Big 12 could also end up targeting some other ... More >>

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    February 22, 2012

    Can the Miami Hurricanes Still Make the NCAA Tournament?

    Most bracketologists had been expecting the Miami Hurricane's men's basketball team to sneak into the NCAA tournament as a lower seed, perhaps even tasked with the fate of having to win a play-in game. Still, it would have been the 'Canes first appearance in the NCAA tourney since 2008, and a nice a ... More >>

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    November 25, 2011

    Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

    ​Ugh, Black Friday. It's a nauseating, cross-country display of hyperconsumerism at its apex, retail's official kickoff to "the holiday season" and all it entails: generic Christmas songs, drastically reduced sale prices, parking-lot fender-benders, and never-ending checkout lines. Whether you c ... More >>

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    September 19, 2011

    Could FIU Football Go Undefeated This Season?

    ​Florida's two best Division I FBS teams outside the big six conferences (or what's left of them -- sorry, USF) entered FIU Stadium undefeated this past Saturday. Only one left with a perfect record. The Golden Panthers engineered a mild 17-10 upset over UCF and remained hot after last w ... More >>

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    January 10, 2011

    University of Miami Women's Basketball Enters Top 25

    ​Those of us who bleed orange and green may have been left holding back tears of orange and green after the disappointing football season, but cheer up Hurricanes fans. The most promising University of Miami team so far this year appears to be the women's basketball Ttam. They entered the AP p ... More >>

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    November 18, 2010
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    November 15, 2010

    Pity the Lawyers: UM Will Pay Others To Hire Law School Grads

    ​A righteous anger has lately been seething from the most unlikely and urbane of American institutions. Inside ivy-shaded law schools from Columbia to Berkeley, students facing six-figure debts and zero job prospects are howling that JDs aren't much more than university approved shams. Blogs ... More >>

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    March 15, 2010

    News Roundup: Two Shot in Opa-locka

    A shooting injured two people in Opa-locka yesterday. Police have a person of interest in custody. [CBS4]A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed after a disagreement over a dice game in Miami Gardens Saturday. [CBS4]Even the crappy economy can't stop South Beach's hotel industry from expanding. [Heral ... More >>

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    February 4, 2010
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    February 1, 2010

    Head Spins: Laura (of Miami)

    ​For over 40 years now, clued-in and/or colleged-up Miami residents have tuned in to the now sound found down the FM dial at 90.5. Those, of course, are the coordinates of the University of Miami's own WVUM, undoubtedly one of the most adventurous radio stations in the nation. Like the majority of ... More >>

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    January 20, 2010

    News Roundup: Grandmother Killed Over $5

    A grandmother in Lauderdale Lakes was killed after she refused to give her teenage attacker $5 to buy marijuana. [Herald]A former Miami cop who devised a scheme to steal $15,000 from Crime Stoppers will get only two months in jail. [Herald]A University of Miami doctor who led much of the early medic ... More >>

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    January 11, 2010

    Win Over Wake Forest Puts Miami Basketball in the Polls

    Despite the fact UM Basketball has only lost one game this season they've lingered in the "also receiving votes" section of the AP's college basketball poll. Most likely because detractors pointed to the team's relatively easy early season schedule. But Saturday's win against ACC rival Wake Forest s ... More >>

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    January 8, 2010

    For 14-1 Hurricanes Basketball, the Real Season Begins This Weekend

    via Hurricanes Sport​Miami has never been a huge college basketball town. There was a bit of buzz when FIU reeled in Isiah Thomas, but they're off to a 5-13 start. Sorry Zeke, maybe things will turn around when you can make an impact on recruiting.Then you've got the Miami Hurricanes. Overshadowed ... More >>

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    May 22, 2009

    Canes Falter in ACC Tournament

    Being a Hurricanes fan is a bit tough at the moment, but there's always baseball. Oh, there will always be the baseball team. One of the greatest programs in college baseball are perennial contenders, but things haven't worked out that well this year. A 36-20 record is nothing to ... More >>

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    May 4, 2009

    News Roundup

    LocalTwo schools in Doral were closed due to Swine Flu. [Herald]So far 5 vets from 3 affected VA hospitals have tested positive for HIV. [NYTimes] Britto is due in court for his DUI charges today. [CBS4]SportsOh,  Heat. You were eliminated. It's okay, we never expected that much out of you ... More >>

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    February 18, 2009

    Canes Need a Winning Streak, Starting with FSU

    After a series of heartbreaking overtime losses, the Canes have fallen to 4-7 in ACC play and desperately need to rack up a few more conference wins to keep those NCAA tourney hopes alive. The good news for UM is that the remaining ACC teams left to play are more than beatable. Tonight at 7, the Can ... More >>

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    February 8, 2007

    The G-man and the Snitch

    Decorated FBI agent John Connolly soon goes on trial for murder in Miami. Too bad he wasn't here when the shots were fired.

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    May 16, 2002
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    April 11, 2002

    Single Guy Diaries

    Sex and the Beach and the poetic squalor of it all

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    November 25, 1999

    Winning Is Everything

    In Miami there's one sure way to build a championship high school sports team: Throw out the rule book and cheat like hell

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    April 24, 1997
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    March 27, 1997

    Mr. Basketball

    Dozens of pro hoops pioneers retired to South Florida, destined to grow old and die in obscurity. Not if Jack Shaber has anything to say about it.

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    October 5, 1995

    Water Under the Bridge

    For more than two decades, Jim Wellington has marked the ebb and flow of the Miami River with a Zen master's eye

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    August 14, 1991