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    February 18, 2011

    Goodbye, Angel Calzadilla

    ‚ÄčAny reporter who ever covered cops in Miami knew Angel Calzadilla. And most of us liked the guy. A lot. Now he's gone...after a long illness. The hombre had patience. New Times called his boss, former Chief John Timoney, "America's Worst Cop." Then there was the indictment of former police chie ... More >>

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    October 4, 2006

    Arriola's Largesse

    This just in to the Riptide desk! An earth-rattling news bulletin! Joe Arriola has nothing to say! Miami's usually braggadocious former city manager declined comment about the $1.1 million in bonuses he awarded to non-union employees earlier this year. Arriola approved the bonuses despite even ... More >>

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    March 2, 2006

    Johnny Be Good

    Minority rep says Timoney must go

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    February 23, 2006

    Letters from the Issue of February 23, 2006

    I am very proud to serve this diverse city

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    July 29, 2004
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    March 25, 2004

    States of Denial

    The Miami Herald ignited a firestorm over police spying and got burned in the process

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    November 27, 2003

    Now Entering Fort Miami

    Don't forget to bring your gas mask and flak jacket

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    June 6, 2002

    A Case of Violent Intimidation?

    Somebody shot out Maxoly Art Cuba gallery's windows. What did it mean?

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    June 13, 1996

    Wait'll Next Year!

    Nothing like a sports championship to bring out the beast in a city

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    December 22, 1994

    These Are the Times That Try Men's Soles

    Does the City of Miami Police Department have a foot fetish?