Alejandro Rios

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    November 6, 2003

    Hit Picks of Miami Lit

    In which local authors and aficionados list their favorites

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    February 27, 2003

    Cuba's Screen Dreams

    Hollywood's hits fill Havana's movie theaters. Just don't ask how they got there.

  • Diversions

    May 16, 2002


    Cuban Cinema Series

    Miami-Dade Community College

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    February 7, 2002

    Before the Lights Go Down

    Poland versus Chediak: There was plenty of drama at the Nineteenth Annual Miami Film Festival

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    February 15, 2001

    Carlos Cruz's Second Act

    In his native Cuba he was a film star. Here in the States he's just another car salesman with a dream.

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    April 13, 2000


    Stop in the name of love

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    March 16, 2000

    Cuba Ordinance 101

    A New Times guide to busting the county's Cuba law

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    February 17, 2000


    Kids in Exile: Right-winging it

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    June 24, 1999

    Portrait of the Artist As a Communist Bureaucrat

    Cuba's Minister of Culture Abel Prieto faces a daunting challenge: Sell Cuban culture to the world, but don't sell out the revolution

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    June 4, 1998
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    January 29, 1998

    Found Poets

    Rebuffed by mainstream publishing, a group of exile writers has been busy producing darkly astonishing accounts of life after Cuba

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    April 10, 1997

    Images of Exile

    No money. No filmmaking experience. No hope for commercial success. Minor details didn't stop Joe Cardona and Alex Anton from exploring their Cuban heritage.

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    January 18, 1996

    But Will It Play in Peoria?

    Is Willy Chirino's new video too controversial for local audiences? Nobody seems more worried than Willy Chirino.

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    October 19, 1995

    Havana Does Not Believe in Tears

    Prize-winning author Roberto Uria landed in hot water in Cuba. Granted refugee status in the U.S., he must now sink or swim.

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    August 24, 1994

    Shadow Plays

    Full of dark truths, new Cuban films and videos raise the shades on the island's past, illuminate its present, and -- maybe -- predict its future