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    August 3, 2009

    Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Town Hall Meeting Draws Big Crowd

    Scott Cunningham​Just got back from the Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Town Hall Meeting at the Miami Science Museum, where close to 300 people showed up to voice their dissatisfaction with Mayor Alvarez's proposed budget cuts of $11.168 million in public arts funding.The 240-seat audito ... More >>

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    October 14, 2004

    Powers That Be

    It's nice to have wealthy and influential friends, especially when you need loads of campaign cash

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    August 19, 2004


    There are good reasons to vote August 31, but the county mayor's race isn't one of them. Here are five reasons why.

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    July 15, 2004

    Down in Flames

    Miami's business leaders vowed to yank MIA from the clutches of politicians, but the politicians yanked back

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    February 6, 2003

    Beating Whitey

    Developer Donahue Peebles is as handsome, smooth, articulate, & nasty as he needs to be

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    April 19, 2001

    You Are Cordially Invited

    So you weren't among those lucky few who dined with the king and queen? Consider it a compliment.

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    May 14, 1998

    The Roads Less Developed

    Residents of this Miami neighborhood don't care how neat the kids' museum will be