Something seemed amiss as soon as we entered Jason's at the Harrison. The vaguely Vegas room, with black-and-white tiger-skin motif and thumping club music, didn't gel with the Mediterranean/Asian/American comfort cuisine of chef Jason McClain — who just a couple of months ago, and with much fanfare, had taken over the troubled South Beach steak house. His menu for the Harrison, previewed online, didn't seem especially creative or inspiring, but it was brilliant compared to the pricey, incredibly prosaic bill of fare handed to us upon being seated at the restaurant. The prix-fixe dinner, for instance, resembled the selections offered at a bar mitzvah: Choice of shrimp cocktail or calamari, steak or salmon, French fries or baked potato, cheesecake or chocolate cake. Something wasn't right, so we asked the waitress if Jason McClain was still chef. The answer, of course, was no: Jason's at the Harrison had been Jason-less "for a few weeks." We politely excused ourselves, exited the establishment, and walked next... More >>>