It’s a red square. No, it’s art, the curator tells you. But it’s a square, and it’s red, you think. What’s different from the one on the wall and one your five-year-old could do, besides ten grand? This has long been a puzzlement of modern art. You act like you “get it” just so people don’t think you’re some pool-cue-wielding redneck swilling longnecks at the local watering hole, but you really know you could do it yourself. What about modern architecture? Your son can’t build the Guggenheim in Bilbao or the Disney Concert Hall in L.A., but if you saw the sketches in the initial blueprints, you’d think a toddler’s drawing of your house would give a contractor more to go by. Enter their designer, Frank Gehry, an award-winning architect and subject of Sydney Pollack’s first... More >>>