So two Cubans, a Puerto Rican, and an Irish guy walk into a dental supply warehouse ... "We make music that's unique to this neighborhood. Sometimes I'm surprised people are interested." Developing a strong identity as a band is a challenge. Often groups try so hard to be unique that they all end up sounding the same, or don't have the experience to trust their gut and just be. Throw race and nationality into that mix and things get even more difficult. Enter the world of Hialeah-based punk band Guajiro. Three of its four members are Hispanic -- lead singer Will Lopez and bassist Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera are Cuban; guitarist David Santos is Puerto Rican -- and the fourth, drummer Doug Mackinnon, is an Irish-descended transplant from Boston. But ask them to define their group, and the thirtysomethings laugh. It's as if they've thought about the question so much that instead of offering a detailed answer, they'd... More >>>