The late Paul Walker practiced the kind of manly American acting that often doesn't look like acting at all. In movie after movie, many of them of the fast and/or furious variety, Walker performed the difficult trick of seeming to really be the apple-pie tough guys he played. In those wildly profitable (and tremendously fun) car chase movies, he was the nice young man, the slightly square every-honky cool enough to be down with gearheads of all races but also just Opie-like enough to get cracked on by Ludacris. Like Keri Russell in a romantic comedy, Walker managed to make his striking gorgeousness — and all the crunches and hair product involved in maintaining it — seem incidental, something his more-human-than-most action heroes just happened into and maybe didn't even quite know about. He was a transparent hunk, somehow convincing audiences he was more like us schlubs in the seats than he was like Vin Diesel, The Rock, or the Abercrombie models he... More >>>