Rocky Aoki didn't invent teppanyaki dining, but he did introduce the Japanese tabletop cooking concept to the States in 1964, when he opened his first Benihana in New York City. Rocky can also claim credit for revving up the crowd-pleasing antics of his hibachi chefs way before Emeril. Aoki so popularized the idea that you'll know what to expect when you work your way through the loud, chaotic entrance of Dolphin Mall and into Kobe Japanese Steak & Seafood. You'll be seated at a large table with a stainless-steel griddle (teppan) in the center and an exhaust hood above. There will be ten seats around each teppan, so you might end up seated with strangers. Tablemates bond, and though the connection may not be quite as powerful as those formed during, say, jury duty, you might nonetheless feel compelled to say goodnight... More >>>