We’ve all been there: You’re about to stuff your mouth-hole with the handful of Salisbury steak grabbed off your future mother-in-law’s plate when a glob of the meat falls onto your bare thigh (your cargo shorts are dangling from a chandelier across the restaurant). Before meeting the parents, you had taken every precaution, scrubbing off most of the magic-marker dongs you had drawn on your own face the night before, to cover for the fact that you’d had a lame, early Friday. All you wanted is for your girlfriend’s parents to think you’re cool, and now here comes the waiter, making a big show of picking up your glass eye from where it rolled off the table. It’s one of those perennial etiquette decisions: Which fork do I use to stab him? This Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., local etiquette expert Sonia... More >>>