Real men love Jesus. Or so said the faded bumper sticker on the back of an F-150 that recently cut us off in traffic. That day, we also learned that red, white, and blue "don't run" and the United States can't afford another four years with a "Liar-in-Chief" making all the decisions. But do real men also rap about Christ? Well, some do, though probably not the guy who skipped the driver's education course on turn signals. Honestly, Christian rapping is best left in the hands of MCs like Lecrae and Trip Lee, founding members of 116 Clique, hitting the road this month on the Unashamed Tour. After experimenting with drugs and being lured into a life of street violence at an early age, Lecrae turned to God following high school and rededicated his life to spreading the word of Christ via commercially viable hip-hop. "More than anything," Lecrae said this past May in... More >>>