Chinese artist, activist, and antagonist Ai Weiwei became a worldwide cause celebre in April 2011 when he was arrested by authorities at the Beijing Airport, detained in an undisclosed location for nearly three months, and released after allegedly confessing to tax evasion. The Sundance-feted documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry concludes shortly after Ai's release; the outspoken artist, for whom interviews with international journalists had essentially been a creative medium like photography or performance, is seen returning home cowed, dismissing the hordes of reporters waiting for him. Without ever articulating a political argument, first-time filmmaker Alison Klayman presents ample evidence that the tax evasion rap is a cover, tracking how Ai, the son of poet Ai Qing (who was first exiled and then canonized) and a codesigner of the Olympic Bird's Nest, became China's best-known artist outside of China — while simultaneously becoming the Chinese government's... More >>>