Artist Nestor Arenas can often be found trolling the Tamiami Trail near the Everglades, searching for the fresh roadkill he uses to create the dioramas he later photographs. Some of his eye-popping pictures have included pythons attacked by phalanxes of toy soldiers, and mutant grasshoppers tearing through a back yard as a family scatters in fright — like a scene from a 1950s B movie where insects are hell-bent on conquering the world. It’s all an effort to portray a vision of a world where suburbia is at war with the forces of nature. But most recently, Arenas has been tooling around with Soviet icons such as cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and Joseph Stalin. When Arenas sent his new works to Cuba for the recent Havana Biennale, they were confiscated at the Havana airport by communist honchos, he says. Happily, here in Miami, we don’t have that problem. Beginning Saturday at 7 p.m., you can catch his searing images at Nestor Arenas Fine Arts Studio (4225 SW 75th Ave., Ste. D,... More >>>