As punk rock began its path of destruction westward from its English birthplace, it arguably gravitated to three poles, each with its attendant aesthetics and hangups. First, of course, was London, with its up-yours-Thatcher sneer and obsession with simmering class warfare. No need to state (but we will anyway) that the Sex Pistols were responsible for bringing that to the international stage. The initial New York sound was the glue-happy grunge of the Ramones, drawing more on garage rock and greaser doo-wop than the violent staccato of pogo dance violence. Finally, there was L.A. Where the Pistols started the thread of examining the pretty but vacant, L.A. punks grabbed the end and ran with it. More distinguishable by lyrics than necessarily by sonics, they railed against the superficiality, the lazy nihilism, and the transience of their (often... More >>>