Our city does crime like nobody’s business. Pick a part of town, any part, and chances are it’s steeped in some dirty, violent, or otherwise nefarious activities. Take Bicentennial Park, home of Miami’s annual New Year’s celebration. In 1933, it was the site of the attempted assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that killed the Chicago mayor who was standing nearby. And think it’s all suntans and G-strings along Ocean Drive in South Beach? Not the day famed Italian designer Gianni Versace was gunned down on the front steps of his mansion in 1997. Even Dadeland Mall, that bastion of consumerism, got nasty in 1979 when a cocaine-related shooting spree ended with several casualties. Let’s not forget Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Murph the Surf, and hundreds of other gangsters who made the Magic City their home and battlefield. Miami’s sordid history is long, and thanks to the geeks at HistoryMiami, it’s also well documented. Led by historian Dr. Paul George,... More >>>