Vino & Olio is expansive in ambition, extravagant in design, and expensive in price; that's not what the times demand. Most of the 5,600-square-foot Design District restaurant is elegantly dressed in curvy blond woods, and a large window into the kitchen offers a compelling view of gastronomic proceedings. But the 220-seat space is anchored by black walls lined with dark wine racks and backlit glass squares glowing in primary hues. Combined with a sizable bar area and DJ-spun thumps, Vino appears more like a stylish nightclub than a restaurant. This assessment is bolstered by posters bookending the restrooms — one of a naked woman fondling her crotch, and the other a closeup of a pierced nipple. Club décor? Sure. Artwork for a dining establishment? Well, let's just say Vino has more pressing... More >>>