Ancient British costumes make a mockery of great men. Take George Frideric Handel for instance. In a 1733 portrait, he wears a lacy scarf, puffy shirt, and long white wig. Dude looks like an ugly and proud South Beach drag queen. Handel was born in Germany, but moved to the U.K. as a young lad trying to scratch a pound out of 16 bars and a dream. Like most of us, his luck was touch-and-go. As legend has it, during one particularly debt-ridden spell, he sat down in a little country house in jolly old England and wrote one of the most widely recognized choral songs in the world. Halle-freakin’-llujah, baby. We don’t know how the royalty system works, or if he’s getting points for publishing, but that song is worth millions. It has been performed to sold-out crowds since 1742. Find out why this Saturday at 8 p.m. when Seraphic Fire and the Firebird Chamber... More >>>