Renaisa Indian Restaurant, located just east of Biscayne Boulevard, boasts indoor and outdoor tables facing the Little River canal off 79th Street — not exactly a Venetian vista, but diners seem to love sitting by just about any body of water. That's one reason for Renaisa's success over the past seven years. Another would be the tasty nature of the fare. Tipu Rahman and his wife, Bithi Begum, both from Bangladesh, managed the restaurant until this past April, when a dispute with their landlord led to a parting of ways. Tipu and Bithi premiered their new Heelsha Authentic Indian Cuisine in North Miami Beach in May. Renaisa was closed through May and June for renovations and retooling, and was reopened in July under new management: the landlord. The good news is that there are now two Indian eateries where there was just one. The bad news is that only one of them... More >>>