"Where Cuba meets the Far East" is Oriente at Cardozo's motto, which on paper isn't a bad idea. The crisp, light flavors and exotic spices of Asia offer a potentially tantalizing contrast to heartier, homespun island fare. A little yin and yang, so to speak. Throw in American-style salads and pizzas and you've got yin, yang, and yanqui — what could go wrong? Plus there are precedents: Asia de Cuba, a Jeffrey Chodorow property in four major cities, has been deftly doing Chino-Latino cuisine for years. And Cuba's eastern coast, including the province of Oriente, was long ago inhabited by European and Asian immigrants who fused their native foods with indigenous tropical ingredients. Oriente also happens to be the birthplace of Emilio Estefan, who with his famous missus owns a piece of this South Beach restaurant and lounge. But Oriente the dining establishment doesn't serve the sort of down-home fare you'd find in Oriente, Cuba. Nor does it offer innovative pairings such as black beans and edamame, or wasabi crema with boniato crisps, as Asia de Cuba does. Sadly it proffers instead the fussy and unfocused food found mostly on tourist strips such... More >>>