The Bible might not know much about rock and roll, but one fact of life was long ago established in it: "There's nothing new under the sun." Sure enough, every artist is a bit of a thief building upon the work of predecessors, but innovation has been rare despite the bleating of critics, who use little restraint in coining neologisms. From the dozens of hyphenated phrases created to describe music, there have been few dramatic paradigm shifts in the past 30 years or so. These "new schools" were more about determining what color of Chuckie T sneakers to wear than any real sonic revolution. Which is not to say there have been no important trends or flashes of inspiration; it's just that rock artists appropriate, modify, or blend some half-dozen musical tendencies that were present by the mid-Seventies. That said, a brilliant quartet of Windy City musicians has lately generated lots of buzz by those who tout it as "the next big thing" worthy of its own... More >>>