As diners enter Heads or Tails Seafood, they are greeted by a smoky fish-fry aroma and the scent of raw fish emanating from the retail market located immediately to the right. Some pause and peer at the fishmongers furiously filleting sundry snappers, groupers, and other carcasses of the sea before they are arrayed in a display case. A few patrons walk right through the restaurant and settle into one of the outdoor seats in back. Most, though, concentrate on securing a stool at the counters that line both sides of the long, rectangular room. Parts of the place's well-worn walls are marked with seaside murals, the rest sponged blue in a crude mimicry of the ocean. The menu, printed on a paper place mat and set in front of each seat, translates into: fish, fish, and more fish, either griddled or fried. Flip a coin to decide if you must, but it doesn't really matter which way it falls. At Heads Or Tails,... More >>>