A pair of corner restaurant sites bookend Ocean Terrace, a two-block stretch of mostly Deco structures that runs from 73rd to 75th Street between Collins Avenue and the beach. Various dining venues have occupied these two spaces over the past decade, but only Baraboo, despite its overwrought, overrated, and overpriced cuisine, stuck it out for any length of time. Eventually that circus-theme venture left town too. But Bruno Valbonesi and his family aim to parlay their Parioli Café, opened in the former Baraboo space about six months ago, into a permanent attraction. Their track record offers reason for optimism: The Valbonesis have operated a number of successful Parioli Cafés in their native Rome since 1953 and named the café after a neighborhood in that city. The fact they serve popular Italian food is another plus, as is their adherence to authenticity — their style of cuisine is similar to one you might encounter in Rome. Just keep in mind not every Roman... More >>>