When first told that NASA incorporates Peruvian foods into the inflight meals of American astronauts, I pictured bowls of ceviche floating gravity-free through a spaceship, and lime wedges trailing nearby in very slow motion, lazily bumping into free-tumbling tamalelike humitas. Upon snapping back from my reverie, the rationale became clear: They must have finally figured out what cuisine pairs best with Tang. But I had it all wrong. Since 1985, whoever is in charge of meal planning at NASA has fortified the space diet with ancient Peruvian plants such as the grain quinoa, the cereal kiwicha, and the root vegetable maca, solely on the basis of their highly touted nutritional content. Salmon Salmon, a petite, 42-seat Peruvian eatery in West Miami, doesn't serve any of the NASA-approved comestibles. Nor does it prepare humitas or have much to do with salmon either, but it does launch honest, homestyle Peruvian seafood dishes at... More >>>