The Jerry Lewis chromosome is running amok again inside Jim Carrey, and in this remake of the 1977 George Segal-Jane Fonda farce, he revels in his usual quota of rubber-faced, talking-in-tongues set pieces. Otherwise, this sometimes pointed, sometimes pointless comedy is pure post-Enron — the tale of a prosperous suburban couple (Carrey and Téa Leoni) driven to a crime spree by sudden poverty and lingering revenge against a giant malfeasant corporation (Alec Baldwin plays the Ken Lay stand-in) that has left its employees in the lurch. Carrey's hilarious job search — stuffy bank, big-box discount store, Mexican day-labor crew — is the funniest part of the film. In the last half-hour, it runs out of gas — oddly enough, just as Dick and Jane Harper begin to get better at sticking up department stores and robbing banks. Directed, without much skill, by Dean... More >>>