Legendary chef Auguste Escoffier and César Ritz, "the king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings," first teamed up in 1890 at the London Savoy. Eight years later César was managing his new namesake hotel, Hôtel Ritz, in Paris, as well as the esteemed Carlton Hotel in London, with Auguste lending gastronomic assistance at both venues. During this period, these two men set standards for haute hotel dining that would define the industry throughout the next century by way of radically innovative ideas: Ritz was the first hotelier to provide private dining tables instead of the communal table d'hôte, and Escoffier created one brilliant composition after another (the most famous being peach melba). In 1927, after purchasing the Ritz and Carlton names, American Albert Keller opened The Ritz-Carlton in Boston. The hotel chain has been equated with luxury and class ever since --... More >>>