The Baka Boys have come a long way since they moved here from Los Angeles. Sure, out in La-la-land they were big shots, creating Friday Night Flavas on Power 106 back in the heyday of the east coast/west coast rivalry. The boys represented westside rap to the fullest, until Power 106 decided to back away from the hip-hop scene. After seven years of radio DJ innovation, the fellas had no choice but to hit the road and strike out for the Magic City. Now swimming in a slightly smaller pond, the Baka Boys are proving to be big, big fish. They kept the features that their Californian audience loved, such as the "World-Famous Roll Call," and added ridiculous segments like "Drop Bombs on Your Moms," where the boys prank call whoever you think deserves it. The Baka Boys morning drive show on The Beat (WMIB-FM 103.5) is touted as Miami's number one, and the loose banter and hilarious hijinks that these DJs are known for have helped to make this relatively new radio station a big hit, rivaling the popularity of hip-hop stations Power 96 (WPOW-FM 96.5) and 99 Jamz (WEDR-FM 99.1). Forget Arbitron ratings. The real measure of The Beat's popularity comes when you cruise down U.S. 1 in your ride, and notice just how many other people are bumping... More >>>