You open your mailbox one afternoon after a hard day at the office this past August and pull out your junk mail and maybe a copy of a magazine that you subscribe to but never read. Amid the refuse is a large envelope that turns out to be campaign literature from Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, a candidate in Miami-Dade's August 31 primary election. Being the political junkie that you are, you look it over. "It is a privilege that many deny. It is one of the ways to exercise our freedom. It is simple, important, and powerful. It is the right to vote," the brochure proclaims in Spanish. There is a card with boxes that can be checked to order Diaz de la Portilla signs, to volunteer, to get a ride to the polls, to donate one dollar, five dollars, or more dollars to Miguelito's campaign. Forget that. But another form catches your attention: it asks if you want to receive an... More >>>