The dramatically useful accident that befell Davaa and Falorni happened in the spring of 2002. According to Mongol legend, if a mother camel rejects her newborn calf, the herding family must call in a musician to perform a kind of seduction ritual. The musician plays. The mother camel becomes enchanted. Before you know it, she sees the error of her ways and begins nursing the calf. Not only that, she weeps -- out of regret, out of sorrow, and for the joy of her newfound bonding with baby. And that's exactly what we see here in the end -- a huge, double-humped brown camel with grotesquely matted fur and a nose like Ernest Borgnine's crying huge tears to the mysterious strains of what looks like a boxy, two-stringed cello. There is no evidence to suggest that she does so on cue. The four-legged actress on camera here, whose name is "Ingen Temee," has had no formal training, and it's unlikely that an emotional performance here will earn her a percentage of the gross from... More >>>