It's not easy keeping up with Lil' Jon. On a warm spring evening inside Jonathan Smith's mansion on the exclusive South Beach community Sunset Island Number One, a temporary residence his label TVT Records has rented for him while he cranks out a new album and sundry remixes for everyone from Kanye West to Korn, the platinum star is grimacing and gritting his teeth, showing off his famous metal-crusted grille. Lil' John is so charismatic that the photographer happily documenting the antics almost ignores the promising young Miami rapper standing next to him. Luckily Lil' Jon doesn't forget about Pitbull; he soon stops posing to defer to his protégé. "I'm just here to help out Pitbull," says the veteran producer and star. He then pulls over a Victorian chair and motions for Pitbull to sit down. "Have a seat, youngster,"... More >>>