Urban Beach Week ... is the ultimate Beach Party ... You arrive on Thursday ... You check into your hotel ... and you begin to see people already mingling ... The road blocks, police, and traffic signs are all over the place letting you know that ... this is gonna be BIG ... The cash flows like a raging river around the entire town. You spot your favorite singer ... walking down the street and notice everyone trying to jock for a quick picture ... you also notice that there is always 8 or 9 female and male groupies around them for no good reason but just to act like they are part of the singer's entourage ... but it's cool ... everyone is having a good time... You notice that the women here are extremely sexy as if they stepped off a music video ... but the fellas don't half step either ... They have their shirts off ... chiseled muscle to the bone ... You then watch the hottest rides go up and down the streets ... there are so many fantasy cars that an ordinary Lexus car might as well be a 10 speed bike ... if you want to see R. Kelly, Nelly, P. Diddy, JD, Magic Johnson, Allen Iverson ... they all have different avenues where they will perform and mingle ... YOU LOVE IT ... so much to do and see ... you know why this is the #1 place and event in the country ... You can't wait to... More >>>