There's an adage in the writing business: "Write what you know." Albert Ramsdell Gurney, Jr., known as A.R., certainly took that advice to heart. After studying playwriting at Yale in the 1950s, Gurney set out on a writing career based almost exclusively on his upper-crust family background, the clubby Northeastern WASP world of wealth, servants, boarding schools, and pricey colleges. This privileged elite, which founded the nation and then proceeded to run it, if not quite completely own it, has recently been designated a dying subculture, its power waning as its numbers shrink. Meanwhile, though, the boardrooms of corporate America are dominated by this group, as are national politics. Though upper-crust Howard Dean (St. Paul's, Yale) has faded, at least momentarily, we are left with a choice between George Bush (Andover, Yale) and John Kerry (St.... More >>>