It's a sweltering poolside afternoon in Miami Beach at the Ramada Inn. The tiki bar with its dry, weathered, and sunburned wood speaks subtly of days gone by. Its hardened, discolored fissures, once witness to an ethnic and cultural evolution on South Beach, now give shelter from the heat to the embodiment of "old school" itself, thirtysomething Richard "Speedy Legs" Fernandez, as he conducts the last of his many negotiations with the hotel for the seventh annual B-Boy Masters Pro-Am. A sprawling four-day conference being held at various venues around the city, the Pro-Am is using the Ramada as a central meeting place for registrants. "Make sure you tell them it's 'b-boying,' not break dancing. The real term is b-boy/b-girl," he directs. The condensation from the plastic cup of his Diet Coke creates a puddle on the swollen bar countertop. An old-timer behind the bar puffs ardently at his cigar while the barmaid, a plump motherly type, makes jokes about the return of the b-boys to her tiki bar for the... More >>>