So many parties, so little time. This year WMC is offering up more than 150 club nights, pool parties, in-store events, boat parties, and other shindigs guaranteed to empty your wallet. With so much to choose from, it's easy to miss out on the sights that make Miami such a unique place. Art Deco buildings dot SoBe, while the Beach itself is demarcated into several islands that can leave tourists fumbling through their maps. Meanwhile a panoply of languages float in and out of the ear, turning a visit to a restaurant or a cafe into a lesson in cultural exchange. And forget about driving: It's best to leave your rental car at the hotel and walk from club to club. So while you're standing in line, mean-mugging the doorman because he told you the guest list is closed, take a look around and check out the city that doesn't need a conference to spice up its life, yet is all the better for it. Now, back to our regularly... More >>>