The Raleigh. The Ritz Plaza. The Tides. The Marlin. The Tiffany. The Victor. For anyone the least bit familiar with Miami Beach's hallowed Art Deco District, those hotel names instantly conjure up visions of clean lines, sweeping curves, dazzling terrazzo floors, gleaming metal railings, shimmering etched glass panels, block and porthole windows -- tasteful manmade glamour seemingly more appropriate for a swanky movie set than a sandy seaside resort. But those buildings were not designed for fancy-dressed Fred Astaire types. The idea was to appeal to ordinary middle-class families, hoping to get away from their dreary lives for a short while in post-Depression America. The notion worked brilliantly back then, and the unrivaled collection of historic edifices continues to draw hordes to what has become a hot spot for vacationers from... More >>>