It all started one balmy September evening, when four teenagers cruising back to Kendall from a night out in Coconut Grove got pulled over by a county police officer. The kids, two each in matching SUVs, were spotted by a cop swerving and looping around each other, goofing off, in his opinion. A routine Saturday-night stop for Ofcr. Steadman Stahl. As he was writing up several tickets (one for careless driving, four for curfew violations), the father of one of the teens pulled in behind him. His daughter had called on her cell phone. The man, David Efron, argued with Stahl over whether the kids deserved the tickets. Suddenly Stahl noticed a woman leaning against his passenger-side door. He got a jolt. The vivid green eyes. The dark hair. The delicate cheekbones -- he'd seen them before. It was Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the... More >>>